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Sound / Light

New Day Productions carries an extensive line of JBL cabinets. With line arrays that include the smaller venue VRX Series to the larger Vertec VT4888 DP/DA line array cabinets, we can meet the needs of some of the most demanding technical riders. Crown amps with DSP power all of our JBL products. Subs are dual 18” SRX and STX Series with single 18” VRX Subs for drum fill. Also, we still carry the conventional JBL SR Series “stacks and racks”. No proprietary’s, no knock-offs.

We also have the larger TVI C212ii line array cabinets.

FOH and Monitor consoles include Avid Venue digital as well as Yamaha digital and analog.

Monitor systems include bi-amped JBL wedges, Sennheiser wireless in-ears and Aviom wired in-ears.

Our lighting inventory includes complete systems for just about any size stage, concert or program. We carry lighting systems of 80K, 120K, LED’s, Source 4’s, Robotics, 2 arena size Lyceum follow spots, as well as wired ClearCom and wireless Telex communication systems. Also available are ACL’s, Moles “crowd blasters”, hazers and smoke machines.

Sound and Lights can be ground stacked, ground supported with Genie Super Towers or flown with CM 1-ton and ¼ -ton chain motors.

All of our systems are “modular” to be able to bring you the finest gear in the amounts needed for the size of venue being used. No longer does a room need to be filled with gear to give you the quality and clarity of sound expected.


    • Venue SC48 (Normally FOH)
    • Yamaha M7CL (Normally monitor)
    • Soundcraft Si Compact 32 (For Smaller Shows / Venues)


    • JBL Vertec VT4888 dpda (v.5)
    • JBL VRX 932LA (For Smaller Venues - Front Fill / Side Fill) (v.5)
    • VRack, Dual 4820 Processors (With Harman Performance Manager)
    • TVI C212ii Line Arrays For Outdoor Stadium Delay / Festival Delay


    • JBL SRX 728S
    • JBL STX 828S
    • JBL VRX 918S For Drum Sub (Or Smaller Venues)


    • JBL VRX 915M - Bi-Amped
    • JBL STX 812M - Bi-Amped
    • JBL SRX 712M - Bi-Amped
    • Sennheiser IEM 300 G2 (6 Transmitters / Receivers)


    • Crown 4x3500 HD
    • Crown Itech 6000
    • Crown Itech 8000
    • Crown XTI Series (For Smaller PA Systems)

    Audio Snakes

    • 48x16 Splitter Snake With Ground Lifts / Isolation Transformers (300’)
    • 32x8 Splitter Snake (150’)
    • 16x4 Audio Snake (100’ For Smaller Venues)
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